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Client Reviews

Word of Mouth

Completely Satisfied Customers is our Goal.  Client reviews of both Microblading and Microshading services.


"Genine was very professional and informative.  She made me feel comfortable and made sure my happiness was her first priority.  My Brows are beautiful and I have gotten a lot of compliements.  I Will defintely be a lifetime customer.

Elaine H.
Microshading Client

✨Client Views✨ Beautiful Ombré Brows!  #

Love, Love, Loved the experience and I absolutely Love my Eyebrows! They are Perfect!

Takia J.
Microshading Client

Another Amazing Set of Ombré Brows....NO

"Great Brows don't happen by chance, they happen by appointment....and I'm soooo happy I booked with Genine.

Missy G.
Microshading Client

✨Client Views✨ Ombré Brows_ #ninidoesbro

Genine did such an Amazing Job Microshading my brows.  She was Very Patient and took her time to ensure I was comfortable before and during the process.  She didn't hesitate to give me multiple applications of numbing cream to reduce any amount of discomfort.  I would reccomend her for your microshading and microblading needs.!

Rania W.
Microshading Client

✨Client Views Microblading Day 7✨ ——————

" I debated getting my brows done for over a year.  Genine was absolutely amazing from start to finish.  Genine answered all my questions, concerns ect.  When I say my brows look great, I'm not kidding.  I have had so many compliments! Im so happy with the results, if you're thinking about getting your brows done, then Genine is your girl! My only regret is that I didnt do it sooner."

Tania M.
Microblading Client

✨Client Views ✨ Healed ombré brows._————

First, Let me say I love Brows!  I didn't know here was another way of achieving great brows until Genine.  Genine Is amazing at what she does! She walked me through each and every step, and made sure you I was comfortable.  She even gave me an aftercare Kit and instructions, so that I wouldn't freak out after the process.  Now I get up with one less thing to worry about everyday!  Thank you Genine!"

Sandra J.
Microshading Client

Brow obsession 💫#cincybrows #ombrebrows

"Genine did an absolutely amazing job fixing what had been a negative microblading experience that I had previously!  I would recommend her to anyone looking at this procedure.  "

Britane B.
Combination Brows Client

Check out this Brow Journey... Combo Bro

"My experience was great! Genine took her time and walked me through the process explaining what she was doing and why.  She was patient with all my questions and knowledgeable.  You can tell that she not only cares about how she is doing but loves doing it. I LOVE MY BROWS!"

Candice B
Microshading/Ombre' Brows

Client Views 😍😍... Microblading Day 3

"Genine was awesome, the environment was clean and sanitary.  I love my Brows!"

Ashley B 
Microblading Client

Touch Up Time! My client started with co

"Genine was very informative about the procedure and explained step by step what she was doing throughout.  Genine also continually asked about my comfort level, if I'm feeling any pain etc and would cater to my needs.  I would highly recommend, as she is affordable, client friendly, and listens to her clients to develop the perfect eyebrow layout."

Kendra C. 
Microshading client

Brow Therapy Babes 😍😍 #ninidoesbrows #

" Genine was awesome, great environment, very friendly & a remarkable overall experience.  Most importantly I absolutely love my brows & would highly recommend Genine! Book her for all your microshading and microblading needs. "

Ariel B
Microshading Client

✨Client Views Microshading ✨ still heali

"Genine is BOMB!, I love my Brows!"

Michelle M
Microshading Client

✨Check out this Ombré Brow Tansformation

"I would highly reccomend Genine! She did such an amazing job and was very attentive to my needs throughout the process.  very professional and listens to her clients.  Book with her you will not be disappointed."

Antonia C. 
Microshading Client

Beautiful Ombre Brows😍😍 #ninidoesbrows

"Genine is so professional, very sweet and made me feel comfortable.  My service was great!! When I told her I was nervous, she explained step by step and even showed me the instruments.  I would totally recommend Genine."

Bridgette M. 
MIcroshading Client

Client views 😍😍 Healed Microbladed Bro

"Book Genine! Very Professional and great quality work."

Nicole B. 
Microblading Client

Microblading Brow Transformation On my b

"My Brows Look Amazing!! Great atmosphere and High level of comfort and knowledge.  Highly recommended for anyone seeking last longing brows!"

Kamille T.
Microblading Client

Brow Therapy Babes 😍😍😍 ombré brows by

"  I Absolutley loooveeeee my brows! Book Genine for all your semi-permanent brow needs!"

Shawna G. 
Combination Brow Client

Client Views 😍😍 Healed Ombré Brows  #n

"I love my Brows! Genine is the best!  I save so much time every morning! Book with her now you wont be disappointed!"

Jeanette M
Microshading Client

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