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Woman having an eyelash extension

New Lashes, who this?

Lash extensions cannot be applied if:


You have had a past allergic reaction to lash extensions. Unfortunately this does happen, and is the number one thing we need to know if you’re booking in for an appointment with us. If you’ve experienced any swelling, unusual amounts of redness to your eyelids or itchiness with past lash extensions, please let us know! Allergic reactions can be very uncomfortable, and usually worsen with repeated exposure. If you think you may be experiencing any symptoms of an allergic reaction, we’d strongly recommend that you visit a doctor or pharmacist as soon as you can.

Please note: all semi-permanent eyelash glues (the ones used to apply eyelash extensions – not stick-on, temporary false lashes) contain a key ingredient called cynoacrylate, which can be an allergen. Unfortunately, there is no glue that does not contain this product, and no ‘hypoallergenic’ glue for those who have had allergic reactions to the past. If there ever is, we will be the first to know about it.

  • You have any evidence of eye inflammation, a stye or an eye infection. Your eye area needs to be completely healthy for any treatments to be safely applied. Our stylists cannot work closely with any of these conditions for health and safety reasons, and any appointments should be delayed until all symptoms have ceased. We’d hate for you to be uncomfortable!

  • If you have had laser eye surgery in the past 3 months (a letter from a doctor is required)

  • Whilst they are considered safe for pregnant women, we highly recommend a patch test first (see below)


Patch tests:

The Brow Therapist Cincy strongly recommends a patch test if you’re pregnant or have had any sort of irritation/sensitivity with lash extensions in the past. If you’re pregnant and have not had lashes before, we would strongly recommend booking in a patch test of our products several days before your appointment  – though allergic reactions are uncommon, they can be difficult to treat during pregnancy. Plus, we’d hate for you to experience any discomfort or distress during your pregnancy – we’re sure you’d have enough on your plate! We have a waiver available for pregnant clients if you’re confident that a patch test is not necessary.


If you’ve had a negative experience with lashes before and experienced any redness or irritation, you may have an undiagnosed allergy to lash extensions. Our top priority is your lash health, and we’d hate for any reaction to occur. Let us know if this has happened, and we’ll ensure a patch test is included with your booking.


A patch test is a safe, easy fifteen minute appointment where a stylist applies five lashes to each eye, pops a collagen eye-pad on your arm and sends you on your way. If any allergy is present, the reaction will be noticeable but minor and easily treatable – and at least you’ll know, one way or the other! Keep us in the loop after your patch test and, if all is well, we’ll confirm your very first lash appointment with us.

Please arrive with lashes clean and FREE FROM ALL EYEMAKEUP!


NO old lashes can be present, if so, you will be charged $20 lash removal fee.

*Any issues or complaints with lashes should be made within 24-48hrs of application to be offered any adjustments





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