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Natural Eyebrow Enhancement Training 

Brow Mapping Bootcamp

This one on one training focuses on the foundations of Brow Mapping

An intense course, that focuses on the basics of brow mapping.

Utilizing the The Brow Therapist Technique, that combines a 5 placement dot method, with the string and caliper method. The Brow Therapist will teach you a fool proof way to get perfect brows that are symmetrical and custom to each client!

Course Includes:

Brow Mapping Kit

Student must bring their own model


4 hrs of instruction 

Henna Brow Training

This one on one training teaches eyebrow Henna Application

Henna Brow Training Course is designed to teach you one of the most popular beauty treatments currently offered within the industry. Henna is a natural alternative to other chemical dyes.  Henna also creates a better skin stain which gives a denser, fuller brow. Henna is Temporary and last between 1-3 weeks depending on Client Skin care routine! Includes Henna Brow Starter Kit.

Course will cover:
Beginner Brow Mapping
Preparing Henna 
Skin Test and Application

Student will complete Model


4 hrs of instruction 

Brow Basic Training

This one on one training teaches students how to perfect their own brows.  

Brow basics is a beginner brow fundamental class for women who want to learn to care for and fill in their own brows, or offer basic brow fills to customers.

Class includes:

Basic Brow makeup consultation 
Mini Brow Kit
Product List
Practice filling in your own brows for a more complete and overall finished look.

3 hrs. 

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